Delicious prawn, courgette, and tomato pasta

Delicious prawn, courgette, and tomato pasta

A simple but seriously tasty pasta dish using the prawn heads as a stock for extra flavour. 
What you need


How you make it

Prepare the prawns by chopping the heads off and keeping them and shelling the body, can keep tail end if you want. Boil water in a small saucepan for prawn heads. Courgettes and tomatoes chopped small.  

Add prawn heads to boil with as many herbs and seasoning as you like. Heat oil and chopped garlic in a medium to large frying pan and cook for two minutes. Add courgettes and cook until golden.

Boil water for pasta and add salt. Add tomatoes to the courgette when water for pasta is ready. Add oregano and season. White wine if you want after about 5mins. Add as much of the froth from the boiling prawns stock as you can for consistency.

Turn down the tomato and courgettes after reaching a good first temperature. Keep adding prawns stock for sauce consistency. 2-3 minutes before finishing pasta add prawns and cook through.

Combine your cooked pasta and tomato, courgette and prawn sauce and serve. 

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