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Sweet Gourmet Greek Box GLYKO

Sweet Gourmet Greek Box GLYKO

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A comforting and elegant sweet eco box full of Greek treats from small farmers and artisans. 

- 350ml Kyklopas Mountain Oak Honey from Northern Greece
This richly dark coloured honey has a fine full-bodied taste which transports you to the oak forests of northern Greece where it is produced, perfect for winter! 

- 350ml Kylopas Olive Sweet from Northern Greece
A sophisticated and surprising interpretation of the traditional 'spoon sweet' in Greece offered by grandmothers to visitors. Olives in winter spices like cloves and cinammon with syrup are a delicious accompaniment to Greek yoghurt, ice cream or other desserts.

- 20g Mount Olympus Tea (Sideritis Scardica) from Central Greece
Our particular ‘Mountain Tea’ is called Sideritis Scardica and only grows on Mount Olympus in central Greece. We only source organic tea and provide you with the most potent and fragrant part of the plant, its flowers, for the optimum quality tea infusion.

- Art print by frvgments especially made for THEBAN.


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