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Gourmet Greek Food Box Oregano Flowers TRAPEZI

Gourmet Greek Food Box Oregano Flowers TRAPEZI

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Hand-selected products from small farmers and artisans around Greece.

- 500ml Geras Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lesbos Island
A single farm product unusually from the Greek island of Lesbos. Cold-pressed organic olives from trees that grow without irrigation preserving a limited edition taste.

- 350g Harakti Kalamon Olives from the Southern Peloponnese
Classic Kalamon olives scored in their skins in the traditional way of the southern Greek region. The preserving extra virgin olive oil and vinegar pemeates the flesh for a strong deep flavour.

- 350ml Kyklopas Mountain Oak Honey from Northern Greece
This richly dark coloured honey has a fine full-bodied taste which transports you to the oak forests of northern Greece where it is produced, perfect for winter! 

- 230g Anthea's Prickly Pear Chutney from Kea Island
This surprising chutney jam has a spicy touch and is made with ripe cactus fruit from Kea Island. Perfect with feta or any other robust or creamy cheese.

- 160g Anthea's Fleur de Sel from Kythira Island
Hand-harvested sea salt crystals from the rocky coves of Kythira Island. This salt has a high mineral content adding to a sophisticated taste. Have with our Geras Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on bread.

- 13g Enaena Whole Oregano Flowers from Southern Peloponnese
Flowers of intense oregano aroma from southern Greece. The classic Greek herb that you cant get enough of.

- Art print by frvgments especially made for THEBAN.

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